Introducing U-count, our on site replenishment solution

What is it? 

U-count takes the hassle out of stock management and replenishment. Traditionally this was introduced to sites where the consumables spend did not warrant the implementation of a full One-team solution, U-count provides all of the controls and usage visibility required for the procurement of consumables. From replenishment of a single point on site, through to stock management of multiple point-of-use facilities, U-count can be tailored to suit the requirements of every customer’s needs.

How does it work?

We work with you to agree which areas you would like us to replenish, and what stocks you would like us to hold in each of the areas. Once agreed, we produce replenishment schedules for each area and fill the relevant cupboards with the ‘target’ stock levels. Your staff can now focus on their core business functions, with the consumables that they require available from the place that they require them. All stock is consigned meaning on the day, or days, that we have agreed, our employee, who has completed your site induction procedures, comes to site with the replenishment schedule and checks the stock at each replenishment area. If any items are below target level then a signature is sought from an authorised signatory on your site for each of the replenishment forms. Once obtained, stock levels of replenished to the target levels and the cycle starts again. Our staff key the order onto our system in order to generate an invoice for the items and generate management information required to show you what items have been used, on what day, and by what area within your business, providing you with cost analysis down to a single production line or cupboard.

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